Not Your Typical Rave

Forget everything you think you know about raves—unless you think of them as a conscious gathering of like-minded folks striving for enlightenment. The new raves are drug, alcohol, and smoke-free… Read More→

Has Yoga "Lost Its Soul?"

A recent op ed in Forbes Magazine gives voice to several differing perspectives on the topic of the evolving “soul” of western yoga. Centered in an ideologically diverse culture that… Read More→

The Unlikely Yogi

I’m not exactly your typical yogi. When I’m stressed out and need to blow off steam, I grab a bottle of wine and a pack of cigarettes. I’ve tried a… Read More→

Dirga Pranayama

The 3 part breath or complete breath is nourishing, calming and relaxing. Our Sponsors Jane Inc.Organic Cotton & Silk Eye Pillows in over 30 styles all made in the USAWACCES… Read More→

Yoga and Fashion: Common Ground?

A recent article by yoga instructor and fashionista Meghan Blalock sets out to establish the “shared truths of fashion and yoga.” She argues that “contrary to appearances, the two enterprises… Read More→

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