The Inevitable: Yoga Teacher Barbie

Barbie dolls: maligned for their tyranny of impossible proportions, yet beloved by many, these ubiquitous icons of American culture have reflected the popular Zeitgeist for decades. When first created, the… Read More→

Has Yoga "Lost Its Soul?"

A recent op ed in Forbes Magazine gives voice to several differing perspectives on the topic of the evolving “soul” of western yoga. Centered in an ideologically diverse culture that… Read More→

Yoga and Fashion: Common Ground?

A recent article by yoga instructor and fashionista Meghan Blalock sets out to establish the “shared truths of fashion and yoga.” She argues that “contrary to appearances, the two enterprises… Read More→

It’s Getting Hot In Here

If there were a metaphor for the driven, hectic pace of urban life in the twentieth-century it well may be heat, produced by the friction of ever-increasing intensity, mounting to-do… Read More→

NYC To Tax Yoga Studios?

New York yoga studios breathed a collective sigh of relief in 2010 when the “Yoga Bill” was passed, which exempts yoga (including teacher training programs) and martial arts studios from… Read More→

Yoga’s Origins: Broadsided

Sex and Yoga: According to NY Times journalist William Broad, the two terms are interchangeable. In a poorly-researched article masquerading as science journalism, the writer claims the origins of hatha… Read More→

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Yogic Wisdom

Happiness is a shadow of harmony; it follows harmony. There is no other way to be happy.

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