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I am very glad that you liked the article.

Comment on 3 Meditations to Embrace Autumn by Tracey Fri, 14 Oct 2016 07:43:43 +0000 I love this article. This is very well written. You have truly enriched me with some excellent knowledge.

Comment on The Five Vayus by Ovidiu Sun, 09 Oct 2016 21:48:34 +0000 http://localhost/wordpress5/?p=378#comment-10245 Thank you. Very clear explanations.

Comment on The Cause of Suffering: The Kleshas by Autumn Adams Sun, 09 Oct 2016 09:33:59 +0000 http://localhost/wordpress5/?p=404#comment-10240 Thanks for sharing. I’m a yoga instructor/retreat leader and I’m always looking for accessible ways to share yoga philosophy with my students. Thanks again!

Comment on Crescent Moon by jasu Thu, 06 Oct 2016 09:44:02 +0000 nice work

Comment on Dahn Yoga Controversy Continues by Ilchi Wed, 05 Oct 2016 21:36:55 +0000 http://localhost/wordpress5/?p=929#comment-10218 For the questioning student/master…

Dahn has created a beautiful picture out of fragments of truth claiming it to be more powerful and real than perhaps what it really is.

Let’s start simple and then get to the more intense stuff…

This article is about Denver location… Let’s take their Google reviews … 10/23 are of Masters/Instructors current and old….. And if it’s like most centers the majority of other reviews are probably from core members whom Are contacted and asked to write reviews and sometimes for multiple locations… I’d bet money 3-4 are organically real

Dahn yoga is so contrived…. Ilchi lee was never part of the 50 leaders of UN he happened to be in a group photo and Dahn used that to make their own title. Read official articles and see Spokeman of UN illuminate ilchi lee’ false claims/ advertisement.

He was never a doctor despite adding Doctor to his name for period of time. It was a papermill degree

Did he really stay awake with out laying down or eating for 21 days? My inner hopeful monk in me says yes!! But really, did he?

He says he no longer holds position in Dahn as to say not getting paid by its profits. Yet he is a consultant through Br Consulting who no heard gets roughly 500K or more per month just from America. Granted he buys lots of property to give back to Dahn be honest I do not know for sure how much he gets paid…

It is normal for Dahn yoga “masters” instructors to put their own money, savings, loans for monthly “vision” which is extreme amounts of money. Average 16k-25K per month . Every. month.

Masters will promise Anything to help someone and to help someone means this person will grow Most by Dahn programs… Anything for money… And if someone is unsatisfied with their program/result it is almost Always their fault, not the program… “The person wasn’t ready, wasn’t open, didn’t do it right, etc”

Now let’s look at the more complicated stuff…

There are Dahn “masters” scared to leave because they are scared for their soul’s growth. This is not okay.

They are Dellusional to think Ilchi lee is the savior… People spend loads of money for the security that 100years after he or they die (I forget) will come save you. Man Jesus must be more the philanthropist type…he does it for free… And yet because I was in this cult as a master for 6 years I have a conditioned response… “Money helps bring things to physical manifestation. So of course he’ll save you and give money because it’s going to help create real changes needed here on earth”

Problem is people in Dahn lose connection to the reality that Many organizations and people are also doing Amazing work. And there are lots of ways to grow your soul and to help humanity. Now that I’m out I see more similarities and overlaps with so many amazing groups yet being in Dahn felt like us vs them and we need more people as if people couldn’t grow and do Amazing things in other groups. 100earth citizens/mago members meant Dahn members.This is what’s sad. Having left… My hearts love has expanded 2fold. I can even say I love those in Dahn as they too are just trying to do their best in this confusing world where truth is revealed just a little bit through everyone’s eyes.

To those who are enjoying the classes please I hope you continue too. As these principles and practices are Not unique to Dahn. when I was a beginner member I was warned about all this and I didn’t even want to hear it mostly because I was getting SO much benefit (1. Didn’t care 2. Didn’t believe it) And stil now I can have gratitude for the benefit, healing, and abilities I developed through my time at Dahn. Extremely grateful. But to those who are wanting to leave but scared for your soul because of what they tell you please please take time and space…. If ilchi lee really is savior he’ll forgive you if you need to leave, seek balance, reconnect with family, take little time for self, take a break, seek a neutral counselor, talk to an ex member… If he really is savior..his love will embrace you anyway… And if not well then by following that little voice to leave because it’s not quite right then may take you closer to what you really want. And a master questioning has been given fear “the voice to leave is your ego voice for comfort. Follow your souls voice, which is to stay and be lead by ilchi lee for earth citizen movement”
It’s become another voice clouding and ensuing guilt and confusion… Dahns way does not seem to be sustainable and with good emotional to financial practice. Really those questioning please put all the pieces together and is your soul and heart proud of its practice? Of course it’s beliefs but the reality of it in practice ?

Please take time and space…

“What do you really want?”

Comment on Make Vows: The Importance of Promise in Practice by Timothy Burgin Tue, 04 Oct 2016 14:01:46 +0000 There are no specific words to recite during a practice, but a lot of yogis like to use a mantra as an invocation to start their practice.

Comment on Classic Sun Salutation by Timothy Burgin Tue, 04 Oct 2016 13:59:51 +0000 http://localhost/wordpress5/?p=620#comment-10205 Just sign up for our premium membership to download the audio tracks.