17th Scholarship Awarded

The YogaBasics.com’s yoga teacher training scholarship has been awarded to Rosalie Hamilton. Our next scholarship will be awarded in July 2010. View complete details on our Yoga Scholarship page.

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  1. I applied for the scholarship but did not receive. It is understandable in that there can only be one recipient and I am sure there are many fine candidates. I did notice however that there has never been a male recipient of the 15 scholarships previously awarded. Now the total is 16. While I do not know the details or number of applicants, I find it hard to believe that in the prior 8 years no males applied, or that I was the only male applicant for this period, or there has never been a suitable male application. After scanning the site the only photo of a male I could find is of the founder Timothy Burgin. There are no other male contributors. This just seems odd.

  2. You are indeed correct that we have yet to award a scholarship to a male, and while on the surface this may seem unfair or odd, when you look at the ratio of male to female applicants it becomes clear as to why this is. Since we have offered the scholarships we have received about 5 male applicants and over 180 applications from females. I’m not sure why that ratio is so low, but it does reflect the low number of men that do show up for yoga classes, trainings and workshops. After practicing yoga for over 20 years I become surprised when there is another man in the yoga class, training or workshop that I attend.

    The bottom line is that we do not discriminate based on sex. The reality is that the male applicants did not stand out from the crowd and were not deemed worthy of the scholarship. We would love to award a scholarship to a man, but we have yet to receive an application that would merit an award.

    I’m sorry you did not receive the award, you are welcome to reapply for the next scholarship that we offer.

  3. -Is there an approved teacher location in Chicago?
    -How and based on what do you select the recipient of your yoga teaching scholarship?
    -After being awarded the Scholarship, how long do you have (time limit) to use it. Mid to low income people usually have to plan these things (money/time/life)

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