A Video Game for your Chakras!

New Age guru Deepak Chopra continues to lead the way in spiritual marketing with his upcoming Xbox 360 Kinect and Wii video game Leela. The goal of Leela is to navigate through 43 exercises that explore the chakras, your seven main energy centers in the body. Through the use of motion sensors, players will be guided to breathe deeply, relax and to move through several body movement exercises.

There is no score in Leela, but you are trying to solve each exercise and move through all of the seven chakras. The exercises do increase in difficulty and you progress through the game, and it looks like you can post your progress on Facebook. The game’s graphics are vibrant, beautiful and captivating and are set to a soothing soundtrack.  It is clear that a lot of thought, time and energy has been put into creating this game.

While some video gamers are scratching their heads at the previews of this game, Chopra is highly optimistic that Leela is the start of “a new generation of video games that can help accelerate the personal, psychological, emotional and spiritual development of human beings."

Do you think video games could effect and enhance your spirituality and open your chakras?  

Have a look at the video trailer for Leela:

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