From Seed to Sapling

I’m not sure it’s possible to innumerate, in so many words, the powerful process of a Yoga teacher training. But, if forced to choose three to describe my experience at Mount Madonna’s YTT 2008 they would be rigorous, inspirational, and life transformational. The courses were thorough and authentic, covering all aspects of Yoga from Shat Karma to "Yoga and Social Activism". From 5:30 in the morning to 8:30 at night, we practiced Asana, taught Asana, purified our bodies and redirected our minds. Like new-born-babes, we yoga-teachers-to-be had the opportunity to relearn from the Yogic perspective how to move, breathe, and reconsider our preconceptions of reality.

Never in my life have I met so many inspirational people: actors and chefs, mothers and environmental activists, men, women, young, wise. It didn’t matter where we came from or what we did, but that we had come and in our purpose united. Equally as important as the program, I was incredibly moved by this group of awesome individuals. Through them I came to understand the true meaning of a Satsanga community, and for this I am eternally grateful.

Yoga teacher training didn’t just shape my practice – it made it. I thought I knew something about Yoga – I now can humbly admit I knew very little, and still have much to learn. Thanks to YTT, I’ve discovered things I either wasn’t aware of or never thought I’d enjoy. Presenting it’s students with an entirely new perspective on life priorities and personal health, Yoga teacher training is a life transformational process; I recommend this program not only to people interested in teaching, but to anyone with the slightest curiosity concerning personal growth. Much thanks to all those wonderful teachers and students that make these kinds of experiences possible. It is a blessing that only continues to blossom and plant new seeds.

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  1. Wow….It is so wonderful to come to this site for the first time and read what you had to say about the YTT at Mount Madonna because that was exactly what I was searching for! I am hoping to go through the training myself in the coming summer, after it was highly recommended to me by my instructor/guru. So glad to hear you had such a great experience.

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