Green Yoga is Growing

In an effort to bridge the gap between yoga and the environment, the Telluride Yoga Festival is committing to eco-consciousness, and leading by example of how to bring the teachings of yoga and the principles of sustainability together. The festival is inspired by a desire to redefine the relationship between the yogic community and the environment, and the creators are committed to honoring the principles that guide the practice and applying them to the relationship with the world. Telluride Yoga Festival aspires to be a zero waste event by eliminating the generation of excess waste and reusing, recycling and composting at every opportunity.

The focus of this festival reflects the ongoing movement toward Green Yoga which unites the practice and philosophy of yoga with an environmentally conscious attitude. Yogis across the globe are recognizing that yogic principles and mindful habitation of the planet are not two separate concepts practiced individually, but are two parts of one whole life practice. Studios are reflecting this green philosophy by building sustainably, reducing waste, recycling, promoting eco-friendly yoga products, and combining activism with spiritual discovery. This shift culminates in a practice of “spiritual activism,” which demonstrates responses to our current environmental crisis from a place of interconnectedness and respect instead of reacting from fear and anger.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras tell us the importance of non-violence (ahimsa), non stealing (asteya), truthfulness (satya), and purity (saucha). All of these concepts can be applied in numerous ways to the planet on which we live. If we view Patanjali’s Sutras not only as a guide for our relationships with others but also as a path to our relationship with the planet, we will find that “green yoga” isn’t a new fad, but the source and essence of an ancient practice.

What do you think about the budding green yoga movement? What are your plans to make your yoga more green?

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