Watch: Let go of Suffering; Find Freedom and Joy

Yoga video: Permission to be a Human

In Permission to be a Human, yoga teacher, mentor, and writer Mary Beth Larue narrates several powerful and simple truths. She explains that her mission in life is to give herself and others the permission to be authentic and vulnerable. This short video of 48 seconds provides a powerful and inspirational message.

Larue helps us understand that “suffering is optional” when we take control of our thoughts. It is easy to let our minds drift into negative thinking, and that is okay, but don’t let those thoughts consume you. Larue explains that when we choose to not believe in our thoughts, we remove their power to create suffering. By choosing joy and giving yourself permission to be a human, we can live a life full of light and love.

Larue consciously and carefully chooses teachers who lead with vulnerability and authenticity. I believe we all should seek out someone, doesn’t have to be a teacher, to assist us in seeing what we can’t see. By listening to someone else’s story or teachings, it may create an insight or understanding that allows you to live your life with more freedom and joy.

Watch Larue’s Permission to be a Human video below:

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