You Are Here: A Terrific Mindfulness for Teens Video

You Are Here video by Amandla Stenberg

Want to slow down and feel more present? Sometimes a guided meditation helps more than practicing on your own. In this inspiring video, young Hollywood star and activist Amandla Stenberg shows exactly what to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Wondering what’s so different about this video versus any other guided meditation video? It all starts with an issue of Teen Vogue. Teen Vogue gave Amandla the freedom to direct a video when they featured her on the cover. Out of all things to create, Amandla chose to create a mindfulness video for teens to help them cope with anxiety. Amandla scored, illustrated, directed, and edited the video.

Why mindfulness for teens? In her interview with Teen Vogue, Amandla says,

“I’ve been very concerned about the mental health of my generation as people around the world continue to experience violence and dissonance and a strange kind of acceleration of reality due to smartphones and technology. I think that it’s really important that we focus on our mental health and that we focus on staying grounded in our bodies, because there’s no way that we can fight this battle if we aren’t first grounded in ourselves…It’s hard to witness everything happening and not have some sort of grounding practice. This video is supposed to be a kind of resource…”

With Amandla’s soothing voice, creative illustrations, and calming music, the video helps encourage moments of ease. Regardless of your age, you can use this video as a resource to feel more grounded, present, and calm.

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