Awesome Half Moon Sequence Video

Half Moon Sequence Video

This time lapse video of yoga teacher Christine Genge has filled me with enough inspiration to last months, and some of these amazing transitions might take me a lifetime to accomplish! The sped-up footage captures all the tiny adjustments, deep breathing, and places where she is strongly engaging in the poses. The simple one camera fixed view and the beautiful electronic soundtrack work perfectly for this five and a half minute video. Unfortunately the end of the sequence was cut off due to technical reasons.

Christine’s description:

A morning vinyasa flow featuring transitioning between half moon and revolved half moon. This is a sequence taught to a power 2 class. While half moon variations may be featured, moving slow and controlled when transitioning through asanas is more of a focus than any pinnacle pose. I am lucky enough to have this beautiful studio space where this sped-up video demonstrate the natural light changes throughout the practice.

Watch the video below:

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