Watch: Taking Yoga to New Heights with Andrew Sealy

Andrew Sealy yoga video

Do you make a habit of challenging yourself? How do you work to find your edge in your yoga practice, then push into it? For Andrew Sealy, finding the edge meant elevating his practice—literally.

At the beginning of Sealy’s yoga journey, he was a trail runner whose goal was to improve his flexibility. He was inspired by the beautiful landscapes he encountered on runs, and slowly began to bring his yoga practice outdoors as well. By taking his asana practice to the precipices of mountains, cliffs, and urban heights, Sealy began to notice a deep sense of union and inner peace.

Sealy is often criticized for practicing yoga in dangerous environments and called out for “showing off”, but he insists the intention of his practice is not to boast or achieve the perfect photo, it’s to connect with his breath and himself.

In this must-see short video, Sealy shares his love for yoga, how he pushes the limits during his practice, and why he believes everyone should take their practice off their mats and into nature.

Watch Andrew’s story below and prepare to be inspired:

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