Watch: Climbing Back Up from Rock Bottom with Sjana Earp

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Yoga helped Sjana Earp through some of the hardest moments in her life. As she puts it, “Yoga didn’t just change my life, it saved my life. It found me at a time when I needed it most.”

Among many other benefits, she says that her yoga practice helps her explore her inner feelings and rid herself of negative energy, and encourages more happiness and vitality in her life. The Aussie yoga teacher’s current mission is to “assist others in finding that same enlightenment and to help them discover the countless benefits that yoga can provide in life.”

Earp’s joy, playfulness, and free-spirited energy are clearly evident in this two-minute inspirational Beyond the Mat video as she enjoys a gravity-defying practice on the beach and discusses all the ways yoga has changed her.

Watch the video to hear Sjana’s inspiring story and revel in the beauty, grace, and power she expresses through yoga.

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