Kino MacGregor Inspires Yogis to “Be Stronger”

Kino MacGregor video

In this short video talk, Ashtanga yogini extraordinaire Kino MacGregor shares her personal stories on overcoming limitations, obstacles and criticism through her yoga practice. Kino began practicing yoga at nineteen and now practices through the Fourth Series of Ashtanga Yoga. She is the co-founder of the Miami Life Center and is certified to teach Ashtanga Yoga by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

After repeatedly being told to “be stronger” by her teachers, she realized that the “weaknesses” in need of strengthening were internal. Through cultivating self-confidence and resolute determination, she found the emotional strength and courage she needed to release false limitations and negative self-concepts.

Kino ends her inspiring talk by telling us that one of the greatest–and most difficult–lessons of the practice is in learning to express our natural state of freedom and truth.

Watch the video below:

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  1. Hi Kino MacGregor,
    I must say your words were inspiring and touching for me. Listening to your growth and experience has given me a radiant feeling from my heart outwards. Most persons believe that seeing is believing, but the truth is believing is seeing, and to believe from the heart. I think we already have greatness within us but it has not been found yet. For me I had a serious anger problem within, holding on to all the negativity and criticism around and not venting any and I felt stuck in a loop. However, meeting one of my first mentor in life, was the change in my life. He showed me that everything in life happens for a reason and we should not let circumstances control our outcomes in life. Just like gold or diamond they undergo intense heat and molding processes to become the spectacular and magnificent jewelry we love. We all have to face the challenges the Almighty presents us and as we overcome each challenge we become great, greater and a legacy. I think you are a diamond Kino :D and I’m happy and grateful for your teachings.

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