Mesmerizing Desert Yoga Video

The Desert Yogi video

The latest video of yoga instructor Dylan Werner is a visual feast for arm balance aficionados. Filmed as a promotion for the luxury health club chain Equinox, The Desert Yogi has top notch production, stunning visual imagery (surrounded by white desert sands against a backdrop mountains), and a beautiful soundtrack. While this is clearly a “don’t try this at home” video, it is awe inspiring to watch Dylan perform these difficult yoga asanas with such skill and grace.

Dylan is an LA-based yoga instructor who now travels the world teaching. He came to yoga from a strong fitness background (wrestling, rock climbing and martial arts), so it’s no surprise that he has adopted a physically demanding yoga practice. In addition to the physical challenge, Dylan finds arm balance poses useful for cultivating mindfulness, overcoming fear, and as tools for accessing something deeper in himself.

Watch the video below:

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