Watch: Yoga Is the Key to Connection to the World Around Us

Cole Chance inspiring yoga video

Yoga is a way to fulfill one of our most fundamental desires: connection. We often think of yoga as a solitary practice; however, the essence of yoga is the awareness and interconnection to all that is around us. Just because you’re the only one on the mat doesn’t mean that you’re not rooted into something greater—something outside yourself. Perhaps surprisingly, what we’re often striving for with our yoga practice isn’t solitude but connection, first with ourselves and then with those around us.

In this month’s inspirational yoga video, yogi Cole Chance, a Bali-based instructor and retreat leader, encourages us to seek out what connects us. “Whenever we can show up authentically and are able to have the courage to be vulnerable, then we can truly meet another person. And then we can begin to connect really to everything,” says Chance.

This beautiful short video will inspire you to take a different approach the next time you step onto your yoga mat, considering how your practice can connect you with those around you.

Watch the video about yoga for connection below:

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