Meditation for Beginners CD Giveaway

We have 3 copies of Meditation for Beginners by Jack Kornfield to give to our lucky readers! To enter this contest, simply leave a comment to this post and we will randomly select 3 comment authors in two weeks time.

Offer good for U.S. Residents only, 18 years or older, 1 comment per person, multiple comments per person will be disqualified. Contest prizes provided by

Contest ends at 11:59 pm EST on May 18th, 2011. If you are chosen, you will be notified by email. Winners must respond within three days after being notified of winning. If you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen so please check your email (and spam box!) a few days after the contest ends.

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  1. I’m a neebiw at yoga and think this might be a wonderful item to learn about mediataion! Thanks for the chance to win this!

  2. I’m experimenting with different forms of meditation. I thought this might be of some help. I love yoga and meditation. It has helped me though the ups and downs of life. I appreciate the contest.

  3. I have studied yoga for years but never formally studied meditation and I would really love to delve into it and develop a practice. I just gave birth to my first child a few months ago and life is hectic so I would like something for myself, to focus a little time everyday on my inner peace and clarity, in order to be the best mother I can be for my child.

  4. As much Yoga as I practice, I always seem to yearn for more stillness. This CD would be a good starting off point to a regular meditation practice. Namaste

  5. I have wanted to take yoga for a long time and took the opportunity at college. I am a 48 year old single parent, who is over weight. After taking this class, I feel more in tune to my body and truly love yoga. I like what yoga does for my mind especially, because I am able to de-stress and let that go and also for how my body feels. It is encouraging me to go further and stick with it.

  6. ease my mind! Why only 3? remove the casing and packing i think more give aways would be possible. what is 3 in yoga by the way? mind body heart? :P 7 sounds better though..

  7. I love Jack Kornfield, have 2 of his books. I am a current/lifelong student of Buddhist meditation-insight, loving-kindness, and mindfulness meditation. The CD would help me in my studies to gain more knowledge of Jack’s methods. Thank you for your generosity in giving away the CDs.

  8. I am very, very new to yoga; but I have been reading a lot on the subject. I have researched quite a bit as I am 55 and am looking for something that will help me feel healthier and younger. My joints ache and I’m not flexible like I used to be and I believe that can change with yoga. I think the CDs would provide me with the beginning tools to help me become healthier and I am grateful for your geneosity in giving them away.

  9. I am very new to yoga. In fact I have just had my very first class this week. I have just found your site tonight and am really loving what I have been reading so far. I would love to win these CDs. Thank you ( now I have more reading to do!)

  10. I am not new to yoga but I want to make the practice of meditation a habit. I find it difficult to find the time not really sure if I am actually meditating or just passing time. I would like to be chosen to receive these Cd’s you are giving away so I can expand my knowledge and hopefully learn the correct way to meditate and hopefully make it stick!! Namaste

  11. I’m new to the Yoga practice. I find times when I just wish I could turn my mind off from ALL of my thoughts. I need a “meditation vacation”. I would love to be one of the lucky winners of this awesome cd.

  12. Yesterday I decided to quit smoking, I also dropped soda ans started calorie counting. In order to keep myself busy n my mind off smokes, caffiene n junk food I also started yoga yesterday. Here’s to hoping I can actually quit this time!

  13. I enjoy meditation as it calms my mind and allows me to focus on what is important. My life has become so quiet and peaceful that I can not describe. Learning from Jack’s CD has been a blessing and I will suggest this to everyone. Jack’s life journey is inspiring and he has brought this wisdom to all of us.

  14. Meditation really helps start my day and then centers me during my work day. Since I have started practicing meditation not only in yoga but in my daily life, I feel a lot more calmer and relaxed even in times when I should be stressed.

  15. Sounds True, I would treasure these CD’s and use them to assist me with my mental spring cleaning and preparation for a summer of stillness that I can sit with for hours.
    I teach yoga and do massage work so what I learn will be shared …. perhaps I also will find it easier to transition from teaching class to dropping into my own practice.
    Blessings and thank you for the contest.

  16. I met the man of my dreams two months ago and while we were traveling we noticed a young couple doing yoga at a rest area. I am 51 and Ted is 50, we are in very good health but it could always be better. we thought yoga would be a good place to start.

  17. I have been teaching yoga for about a year, and sharing what I have learned so far in meditation to help a lot of stressed-out people. They are always ready for more, so I would love to use the CDs for myself and my students.

  18. I have been wanting to explore meditation for a good while. This will be a great starting point!

  19. Yoga? I never considered it. But now I am absolutely impressed with yoga. In just three session I’ve seen improvements on my flexibility and balance. I am now obsessed with wanting to learn more. I would love to have this cd to get me started.

  20. I’m not sure if I’m too late to post for the book, but figured I would anyway. I am an avid yogi. I have been practicing for 3 or so years, and completed my teacher training in December of 2010. I now teach yoga at a small studio in my home town and absolutely love sharing a practice that has given me so much. Hence, I have no problem incorporating yoga into my daily life. Both the physical practice as well as mental, spiritual, etc. However, I have a terrible time with meditation! When I am practicing yoga, I am definitely in the “zone” of meditation in motion, but when I try to sit I find it incredibly difficult to silent my mind. I have true “monkey mind!” I would love to be able to incorporate sitting into my daily life without becoming frustrated. then I would be more able to share this practice with my students. I think I would benefit from a book that started from the very beginning.



  21. I would use the CD as a give away in one of my classes as an opportunity to introduce students to opening their minds and hearts to the wonders of meditation.

  22. Hey. I’m new to Yoga and just looking for anything to help my family and I out in our journey!!

  23. om namah shivaya! i honor that which i am capable of becoming…. here’s to finding a little peace of mind!

  24. Contest is closed. The lucky winners are: #11 shajorah, #18 mkjorgensen, and #7 acme. We will be emailing the lucky winners shortly!

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