Meditation for the Love of It Book Giveaway!

We have 3 copies of Meditation for the Love of It by Sally Kempton to give to our lucky readers! To enter this contest, simply leave a comment to this post and we will randomly select 3 comment authors in two weeks time. 

Offer good for U.S. Residents only, 18 years or older, 1 comment per person, multiple comments per person will be disqualified. Contest prizes provided by

Contest ends at 11:59 pm EST on June 20th, 2011. If you are chosen, you will be notified by email. Winners must respond within three days after being notified of winning. If you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen so please check your email (and spam box!) a few days after the contest ends.

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  1. Would love this for my 14 year old daughter who appreciates the benefits of meditation but is still working out how to make time for it in the busy life of a high schooler with all the pressures kids face these days. Come to think of it, her mom could use it too! :-)

  2. I would appreciate winning this book. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for a while. I realize I can always learn more. Keep up the good articles in Yoga Basics I enjoy your site.

  3. Just did a workshop this past weekend with Erich Schiffmann and feel more compelled to meditate, and as a book lover would appreciate reading a book on the Love of Mediation. It is all about the love anyway! With Gratitude for – Peace & Love, Vicki

  4. Can’t say I’m disheartened or discouraged with meditations as the recommendation for Sally’s book suggests, but am always open to ideas for inspiration both personally and professionally to share with my students.

  5. Oh I would be so interested to dive into this book. The description sounds like something so many of us go through at some point. I’m always evolving my relationship with meditation – and would love to take it further!

  6. As life becomes more busy with children activities, I find respite in my meditation practice…yet…at times…it sure could use a li’l boost. This book sounds like the answer. Pls pick me. ;)

  7. I know I could never have a chance to avail this contest but anyway I would just like to say that yoga is beneficial to the daily activities we encountered and one thing important about yoga is the discipline. It is really an essential to an individual to have discipline towards itself. I haven’t practice yoga but I have a little background of it. Sad to say there is no available school nearby to learn more about it or a book to learn from. Anyway… good luck and have a nice day… more power.

  8. I think this would be a tremendous opportunity to further explore and deepen my practice……

  9. New to yoga, new to meditating, I am. This would be another great opportunity to learn more about the art of meditating!

  10. I just started a meditation program and would love a book to help me on my journey. Thanks for the offer! I enjoy the website.

  11. Since I’m kind of new at yoga and meditation, I feel this book could help me along my way to a blissful meditation! I know your website has helped with the poses. Thank you!!!

  12. I’m fairly new to yoga. It’s been many years since I did meditation (Let’s just say over 30 and leave it there.) But after this past very hard year, in which my son died, I need something. Maybe meditation would help.

  13. I’ve been practicing yoga for about 6 months, which has included teacher-guided meditation at the end of each session, and an occasional meditatioon-only practice. I’m ready to move to meditating on my own, without teacher guidance.

  14. This would be a wonderful addition to my library! I am learning to love Meditation and this book would help in the understanding of it.

  15. I love the practice of “loving touch” when I think about the ways I wander through my “dailies” completely unaware. I’m so curious what other gems I’ll find in there!

  16. AHH yes, I am on a quest to learn to love meditation. My monkey mind fights it so. I have been taking my meditation practice one step at a time. This looks like a wonderful book to help me on my journey!

  17. Just starting to learn yoga. I love meditating, it is so calming. Thank you for this site I have learned so much.

  18. By the little that I have read this sounds like a book I could easily share with my senior chair students as well as getting a great benefit for myself!

  19. I am new to this site, and would love this book — my meditation practice is struggling!

  20. This summer it will be 40yrs I have been practicing and teaching YOGA—this book would be a great way to celebrate my milestone–I love sharing my experience and am always ready to learn more–Yoga has given so much to me–Namaste

  21. Not only would I love this book, but I know several people who would appreciate using it too.

  22. As a yoga teacher and a meditator, i would love this book and would be able to pass it on to others at the studio where I teach.

  23. I have been practicing yoga Asanas every day for the past 6 months, but I’ve yet to start a meditation routine that I am satisfied with. This book would be a great resource for me :)

  24. I am a Yoga teacher and in the last three months I’ve felt incredibly disconnected from the Meditation practice. My body is achey and restless and my mind is a non-stop show. I miss the bliss of stillness, and would be honored to receive a new tool that can bring back my stillness. I feel like I am a reflection of our fast-paced society, and all I (and we!)need is to slow down! Much love team. Thank you for all you do.

  25. Struggling to maintain my personal practice. I know that meditation is key. Thank you for the constant supply of good information. You help me more than you know!

  26. Contest is now closed and we have picked 3 lucky winners. Congrats to the authors of comments #1, #12 and #22!

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