Office Assistant Needed

We are looking for a hard working yogi who is organized, detailed and skillful with communication. If you live in the Asheville NC area and want to join the team let us know!  Read more for all the details.

Job description
• Assist the general operations of provide customer
service, manage message boards, perform basic bookkeeping and coordinate advertising, marketing
and scholarship programs.
• Assist in scheduling and coordinating yoga retreats and workshops.

• 10 hours/week to start, with moving up to 14hr/wk in the near future.
Enlightened pay: $9/hour to start, $10/hour after 60 day review, and
additional pay increases based on performance.
• Must be sharp, reliable, friendly and self-motivated. Computer skills
(Macintosh), writing skills and good customer service skills are
required. Being able to handle multiple tasks and to manage and execute
special projects will be necessary.
• A current practice of yoga and/or meditation is encouraged and supported.
• Basic website maintenance skills would be a plus.
• Graduate of a yoga teacher training program and/or extensive personal knowledge and experience of yoga would be preferred.
• Hours are flexible, but ideally we are looking for someone Tu & Th 9am-3pm.

Apply by contacting us with your talents, qualifications and availability. We will contact you via email to arrange an interview.

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  1. Hi, I would like to apply for the Office Assistant position that was advertised on Craigslist. I have a BA degree in English, have experience as the lifestyle writer for several weekly newspapers, proofreader/editor for a mid-size advertising and marketing firm, and have various other work experiences which require(d) excellent customer service, writing ability, creative marketing and advertising, including organization and hosting of special events, and great attention to detail. I work well with a team or independently. I’m a hard worker, sincere, self-motivated, and enthusiastic about things that matter to me . . . like yoga. I am a certified Bikram Hot Yoga instructor and am currently practicing Bikram and other forms of yoga, and hope to become certified in another form of yoga in the future, hopefully soon, as well as Pilates. I do have computer skills, though I haven’t worked on a Mac in a while; I’m sure it will come more easily to me than if I have never worked on one before . . . I currently live in Winston-Salem but am moving to Asheville as soon as I get employment. My husband moved there at the end of November when his new Occupational Therapy job began; I simply stayed behind to get our house ready to put on the market and to find employment in Asheville. I realize this position is only part-time and that will work fine for me as I will be teaching yoga and possibly have another part-time position. (Having said that, I’m also very open to working more hours with this position in the future should it grow into that). The only thing I cannot commit to at this time is the specific hours that are preferred, though I am certainly willing to work those hours if I can at all work that out. I just have to see what other position opens up for me . . . I would love to talk with you more about this position and hope to have an opportunity to be selected for the interview process. Thank you! Namaste, Erin Turner

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