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We have 5 copies of The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga by Sage Rountree to give to our lucky readers! To enter this contest, simply leave a comment to this post and we will randomly select 5 comment authors in two weeks time.

Offer good for U.S. Residents only, 18 years or older, 1 comment per person, multiple comments per person will be disqualified. Contest prizes provided by VeloPress.

Contest ends at 11pm EST on August 3rd, 2009. If you are chosen, you will be notified by email. Winners must respond within three days of the end of the contest. If you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen so please check your email (and spam box!) after the contest ends.

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  1. Yoga always fits into ones day. It could be a hand gesture, a thought, a visual experience, a smell, or even a taste, yoga is everything.

  2. I will be taking my first Yoga class this fall at the local community college. I have never taken Yoga before but am very excited to learn some of the relaxation techniques. I’m trying to get a head start on the class {I’m an over-achiever}. That’s the reason why I just joined this website. Wish me luck!

  3. Thanks for review the book. Seems like it would be a good resource for both yoga teachers and students. Maybe I can find a sequence routine for my basketball playing son who doesn’t quite get why yoga is good for ballers

  4. Nothing comes close to practicing yoga outdoors. It’s been two years since I last practiced and every day I try and motivate to get out there. I’m getting closer…

  5. I am new to yoga but it’s hard to find time with my five children. My older ones do join in though. So now it’s become part of our routine. Now that I have gotten my energy back from having my last child I would like to focus on staying fit and healthy and this would be the perfect book for us. Yoga is the easiest and funnest fitness routine for me and the munchkins.

  6. Yoga is an important part of my life and I try to incorporate 2-3 yoga sessions per week into my busy schedule. I don’t know what I did before yoga….

  7. Yoga is so important for my well being; spiritually, emotionally and physically. I guess you could say it is my drug of choice and it sure beats therapy! Namaste.

  8. Yoga has been incredibly helpful to my management of anxiety. It is one of the unifying elements in my hectic life. Between constant traveling, school and work yoga helps me find balance in my life.

  9. I love Sage’s podcasts & am curious to read this book. I hope to take a class with her soon!

  10. would love to check it out. as a head of @namastebookclub i’m always looking for good books to recommend to our members. namaste…

  11. Well, I’ve never really tried yoga but have cycling friends that swear by it and my GF has encouraged me to try it. Would definitely help lower back issues, strengthen the core, gain flexibility, so if I win, I’ll definitely add yoga moves to my training.

  12. I’m a Pilates fan but can’t seem to get the flexibility I need to out of it. I hear yoga is the way to go. I’ve known Sage since 1988, so I ought to be buying the book instead of entering for a free giveaway for it, but….. there’s always luck, right?

  13. I am new to yoga practice, originally coming from the Pilates field. That’s said, I cannot believe how the two naturally compliment one another. Learning Yoga has brought a deeper awareness and understanding to my Pilates, and I can see the thought process Joseph Pilates took when creating his “contrology” from the Yoga world.

    I now teach Yoga regularly, and find that my body looks and feels it’s best when I practice 2-3x/week in addition to my cardiovascular and other forms of training. I highly recommend Yoga to athletes in particular. In general, athletes get regimented in their training, are prone to overuse and repetivite motion injuries, and have difficulty winding down and centering. Yoga is the perfect compliment to an athlete’s training, and when practiced regularly aids in recovery, mental focus, increased postural awareness, and how to connect breath to the body.

    This book looks like a fabulous resource. Thank you for posting and sharing the wealth. I will pay it forward to my circle of influence.

  14. I’m 57, went from a 50 inch waist to a 36 inch since 2005 by riding bikes about 26,000 miles. Diagnosed with prostate cancer in that time and beat it in 2006. Started riding relay teams for LiveSTRONG in triathlons two years ago and just started doing complete tris this year. Finished a sprint in June, an Olympic in July. The last one, I re-injured my back from a 30-year-old factory accident. I want to go farther in tris but worry flexiability issues will stop me. Yoga has been suggested. I want to try it. Plan on classes. Just found out about this book and would like to read it.

  15. Strength, flexibility, and balance. Yoga offers me all three like no other physical training I’ve experienced. Plus such wonderful an positive encouragement from fellow practicioners, and resources like YogaBasocs, is inspiring

  16. I try and do some Yoga every day. It has made a difference in my life. This little book sounds like just the tool needed to make a daily yoga routine come to life. Gotta go, Yoga time.

  17. I really enjoyed Sage’s classes back when I had Monday nights free…and her full-length book is great. This pocket guide seems really appealing because runners and other people on-the-go could have it in their bag/car for easy reference when not at home, travelling, etc.

  18. Yoga helps me be present in myself, in my relationships, and in the world around me. I am so grateful for finding yoga.

  19. The fact that I am a fledgling yoga instructor is such a gift to myself, because I feel more than ever that a whole new world of learning and growing is opening up to me, as I always look for resources and tools to enhance my ability to communicate and deepen my knowledge, enabling me to offer a variety of ways for my students (and myself!) to experience the many gems that yoga has to offer.

  20. i am just beginning my practice, but have already noticed less stress and more flexibility and my posture has changed which was one of my goals with yoga


  21. I have been practicing yoga on and off for a number of years. I had to stop for awhile when I broke my hip, but I did begin again last winter. Sure, I have had to modify some moves, but I still enjoy the peacefulness and feeling of satisfaction after a session. It also helps with the stretching I need for my muscles.

  22. would love the book as i travel a lot and it would be a great practice tool. thanks you

  23. I would love a pocket guide I could take anywhere for an impromptu practice. I never know when I will get a bit of time to recenter. Thanks!

  24. Several of my class participants are runners and triathletes and cross train with yoga. I would love to offer these athletes more insights for their “inner yogis”. Namaste.

  25. Funny, I was just leafing through her larger book in the bookstore this afternoon. a pocket size version sounds really useful, I wonder why the bookstore didn’t have it yet.

  26. close your eyes…….(inhale)yooooooo………(exhale)gaaaaaaaaa….
    what else needs to be said……:)

  27. Since I practice yoga right after running ( yes i did post the same to the other comment page) this would be a great manual for me since i don’t have much time in the morning.

  28. I teach yoga at a gym and at a senior citizen day center and I am always looking for new ways to bring yoga into my students every day lives. Anything that I can use to help myself and be able to pass on would be such a gift.

  29. i’ve been taking yoga classes for the past 3 years. It would be great to practice on my own with a little guidance. the pocket guide will be a great start.

  30. Thank you all for commenting, the contest is over and we have drawn the following lucky numbers (via Random.org): 16, 32, 11, 18, 7. The authors of these numbered posts will be contacted shortly, so please check your email to claim your prize!

  31. I am so excited. I just signed up for Yoga teacher training in Newtown Ct. Cant wait. Start Sept 13th!

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