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We have five 1-year premium memberships to to give to our lucky readers! To enter this contest, simply leave a comment to this post and we will randomly select 5 comment authors on January 16th.

Offer good for persons of 18 years or older, 1 comment per person, multiple comments per person will be disqualified. Contest prizes provided by

Contest ends at 11pm EST on January 16th, 2010. If you are chosen, you will be notified by email. 

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  1. 2010 is proving to be quite a tough one so far so would be great to get free membership. Yoga helps, eh?! ;)

  2. As a new yoga teacher, I find your site very inspiring. I have sent many of my students here as well. A free membership would be awesome!

  3. I had to stop doing yoga after my pregancy due to a back injury becoming worse. I want to start doing yoga that is geared towards my injury instad of avoiding the practice and a membership will help my find poses that will help to heal my body.

  4. Happy New Year!! Thank you for the free newsletters. I alway seem to take a lot away from them to use in my yoga classes. A Premium membership would be invaluable to my teaching.

  5. Oh, I love this site and I would love a free premium membership. It would really help to improve my yoga practice.

  6. I send a lot of my students to this site….with times really tough in my area (OH) it would be awesome if I were to win a free premium membership! Every little bit helps! Thanks for your site!

  7. I have a 50 degree lumbar scoliosis and 20 degree thoracic. Yoga has kept me pain free while I do it. A free membership will help me stick with it. So much better than 800 mg ibuprofen! Your newsletters are awesome, too.

  8. Sometimes life gets in the way and finding the time to learn Yoga properly can be difficult. Everytime I tried to dabble I just ended up hurting myself and pulling something. Your site has helped me to slowly learn the proper way to practice Yoga without injury. Thank you.

  9. great website… i have been paying for it for years…getting it for free for a year would be fun!!!!

  10. I just made a list of resolutions…and I avoided being too specific, but increasing health and happiness was certainly on the list. Thanks for reminding me that there are many more reasons to keep a yoga/meditation routine throughout the year. It also helps me to keep the resolutions!

  11. I have been visiting Yoga Basics website for a long time. I think the articles are very informative and help me in my practice. I would very much appreciate a subscription to this website. I did have a subscription before but I currently have extremely limited funds. Winning a subscription would be great.

  12. I know this will be randomly selected, so my note won’t influence the selection process, but following along with the trend, I’ll give my story. I study yoga. I teach yoga. I love yoga and I am always looking for solid ways to deepen my understanding of the practice. I’d love a free subscription to the site.

  13. A giveaway – yea! Please pick me in 2010…I will be your yogic friend and past along the “winings” to ALL!

  14. I’m so excited that I found this website. The information has been excellent! Getting a free membership would be icing on the cake because I am one of those who have lost their jobs.

  15. I have been practicing yoga daily for the past 37 years – I will be 57 on Valentine’s Day! Yoga is the basis of my life, and it has shaped my life and body. People think I am 35 years old, and it is because of the benefits of the incredible power of yoga. P.S. My boyfriend of two years is 15 years younger than I am – thanks to yoga!!! :)

  16. Enjoy the site. Passing on meditation humor from a New Year’s session Friday morning: “Don’t just do something. Sit there.” :)


  17. I’m looking forward to delving into the Yogabasics website and learning more about yoga and it’s potentially healing properties.

  18. I’ve enjoyed this site for many years now, and continue to find it inspiring and informative. May 2010 find you happy and healthy! :D Namaste

  19. 2010 will be quite a year for me: I’m opening a yoga studio & wellness center, and I’m having a baby! So, a free membership will ease the financial burden and give me access to practical info during a crazy, busy, beautiful year ahead. Thanks!

  20. I do love this site, getting good information and seeing what other yogi’s are doing and thinking. Yoga is a wonderful life to live and share. Thanks for the connection.

  21. Great site! Hoping to further my practice with a teacher training soon and came across this site & this premium member giveaway. Glad to have a place to come to connect and get info! Happy 2010.

  22. I’m so glad I decided to start practicing Yoga. A free membership to a site like this would be good motivation. =)

  23. I have just begun my basic training certification with plans of opening my own studio. Moving across the country next year and my destination is seriously lacking yoga- in general. The free membership would be a great addition to my studies and future.

  24. I have been a follower of this website for about 6 months. A premium membership would be great!

  25. I have been using this site’s free beginner sequences for a few months now. I have been wanting to try yoga for quite a while now but did not have the money for classes. Finding you site was a blessing. It would be wonderful to continue learning yoga.

  26. Would love a premium membership as much as I love this site! I must admit that I am saddened to read of the “yoga competition” Yoga is the antithesis of competition. It is a personal, sacred journey. Ah, the western ideals.

  27. How awesome! Any of us would be blessed to receive a premium membership for free! Thank you for your generosity!

  28. Happy New Year!! Thank you for the free newsletters. I have been visiting Yoga Basics website for a long time. I found the articles are very informative, useful and helpful for me in my practice and it let me a pursue my interest in taking up a certificate in teaching of yoga.

    I would very much appreciate a subscription to this website as I have just received a certificate to teach yoga and hope that winning a subscription can help me to enhance and pass the knowledge of yoga and proper and correct way of yoga practices to my students in my teaching.

    I did have a subscription before but I currently have extremely limited funds. Winning a subscription would be great.

  29. Awesomeness! :-D I’m finishing up my teacher training and getting ready to start teaching soon. This would be very helpful. Thanks for giving out this opportunity. Love!

  30. Yes I too would enjoy very much the benefits of a premium membership! Much gratitude for the opportunity

  31. I’m a long-time yoga practitioner but also a broke university student. A premium membership would be a luxury and a wonderful tool!

  32. Yoga is eternal and priceless… please keep it that way… the only requirement needed for a learner is to seek with sufficient interest to learn…

    the ancient indian gurukulas were free and open .. anyone could join and learn and leave…

    if the yoga teacher has made the yogic teaching a business – its like asking a price for the Almighty Teaching…

    the person who takes and the person who pays such a fee remain ignorant of the true yogic path…

  33. This site is the most amazing yoga site I have seen. I have just stumbled to it and know I can hardly stay out of it. I have also learned so much from it. Thanks yogabasics

  34. gonna be turnin the big 50 this year. I don’t want to feel like I’m over the hill. so here’s to a new decade(for me) and a new way to stay fit.

  35. Just found this site and joined. I am so excited to have found this help and would really love a one year premium membership!

  36. I am honored and excited to receive this gift. Many thanks and a thousand acts of kindness be returned to you. Namaste

  37. My focus on mundane things is not my contribution
    Yoga trains the mind to put an end to all suffering by generating positive energy

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