Summer Solstice Yoga-thon

Monday June 21 was the longest day of the year, the traditional first day of Summer, traditionally known as Summer Solstice.  In New York, thousands gathered in Times Square to mark the event in a day long Yoga-thon.

Amidst the myriad distractions that a bustling city can offer, yogis found peace and tranquility in one of the busiest places on earth.  The event was organized by the Times Square Alliance, and was free to all yoga practitioners.  It took place through several free public sessions which included asana classes, lectures, and workshops.  The Yoga in Times Square in an annual Summer Solstice event organized as a counter point to the Winter Solstice celebration, otherwise known as New Year’s Eve.

Yoga teachers from several different styles and backgrounds came together to lead classes and offer inspiration.  Douglas Stewart of Ishta Yoga and Yoga works, Alanna Kaivalya of Pure Yoga, Michael Taylor from Strala Yoga, Donna Rubin, a Bikram Yoga instructor, Swami Ramananda of Integral Yoga, Paula Tursi director of Reflections Yoga, Tevis Rose Trower, and Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus all participated in leading group yoga classes, workshops and lectures in Times Square throughout the day on Monday.

Participants in the free day of Yoga received a Solstice gift bag containing items from the event’s sponsors.  A multitude of sponsors were also on hand throughout the day to provide information and product samples.

How did you celebrate the Summer Solstice?

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