Trouble in Tibet

A week of violence and protest has erupted in Chinese occupied Tibet when Buddhist monks peacefully demonstrated to mark the anniversary of a failed 1959 uprising against China. The Dalai Lama has said he would step down as leader of Tibet’s government-in-exile if his supporters do not stop the protests that have left up to 100 dead in Tibet. European leaders have been quick to condemn the Chinese government’s violent reaction to the protests, even threatening to boycott the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games – but so far, the U.S. Government has been silent. Click here to send a message to your representative and senators to speak up for Tibetan human rights.

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  1. I think China has no right over Tibet.. China has illigally ocupied Tibet the past 58 years.. They must respect Tibet!! The international comunity must STAND for Tibet. Stop the torture, the illigal arrests. Human rights must be respect.


    1. The peaceful buddhist country of Tibet was invaded by Communists China in 1949. Since that time, over 1.2 million out of 6 Tibetans have been killed, over 6000 monastaries have been destroyed, and thousands of TIbetans have been imprisoned.

    2. In Tibet today, there is no freedom of speech, religion, or press and arbitrary dissidents continue.

    3. The Dalai Lama, Tibet’s political and spiritual leader, fled to India in 1959. He now lives among over 100,000 other Tibetan refugees and their government in exile.

    4. Forced abortion, sterilization of Tibetan women and the transfer of low income Chinese citizens threaten the survival of Tibet’s unique culture. In some Tibetan provinces, Chinese settlers outnumber Tibetans 7 to 1.

    5. Within China itself, massive human rights abuses continue. It is estimated that there up to twenty million Chinese citizens working in prison camps.

    6. Most of the Tibetan plataeu lies above 14,000 feet. Tibet is the source of five of Asia’s greatest rivers, which over 2 billion people depend upon. Since 1959, the Chinese government estimates that they have removed over $54 billion worth of timber. Over 80% of their forests have been destroyed, and large amoutns nuclear and toxic waste have been disposed of in Tibet.

    7. Despite these facts and figures, the US government and US corporations continue to support China economically. This shows their blatant lack of respect for these critical issues of political and religious freedom and human rights.

    Yes, things are bad, but you may still ask, why Tibet? There are hundreds of other countries in which equal or worse environmental and human rights devistation has occured. Why Tibet? Tibet can be used as the catalyst for change in human rights, womens rights, political, religious and cultural freedom across the globe. Through a concerted effort, the citizens of Earth can stand up and say “NO!” to the corporations and governments that continue to abuse it’s people and misuse it’s resources. The struggles in Tibet are symbolic for every human rights struggle. Please, get involved. There is only a limited time left until there will longer be a Tibet to save.



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