Wanted: New Writer for YogaBasics.com

We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic writer to join our blogging team! We like to stay up to date with and write about current yoga news and research. Blog articles must be informative, entertaining, clear, concise and error free. Writers with a strong and background in yoga philosophy who are comfortable writing opinion blogs are encouraged to apply.

• You must be able to submit well-written articles within 48 hours after assignment.   

• Articles must adhere to our blogging style guide.
• Communicate in a timely manner with the Managing Editor about submission scheduling, revisions and edits when appropriate.

To apply: Please send us an email through our contact form with your talents, qualifications and availability.

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  1. Timothy !
    I would love to be a contributing writing for your blog.
    Years ago I founded The Yoga Tree in Johnson City, TN. My son, Arjuna and I have now relocated to Prescott, Arizona where I teach yoga in the classroom to my first graders at a Waldorf school . Instead of teaching 10 classes weekly and maintaining the studio of 100 plus students weekly I “attempt” to “live and breath” my yoga through my daily actions as a single mom, sharing a special type of spiritual education with the 19 first graders that I have been energetically connected with.
    I would be honored to write for you and share with your readers.

    my email is [email protected]

    I truly hope this finds you well.
    much love and light to you,

  2. Hello, . I have been writing a blog pairing yoga- inspired quotes with music. I am also slolwy working through the sutras, postures, and yoga terms. The response has been great, and now I am in the process of adding artists and playlists to the blogsite. I do not know of any other yoga blogs devoted to the subject of music – music to use during practice or teaching – or just to be inspired. I have had wide interest from yoga enthusiasts abroad (doesn’t cost to promote on FB abroad) – but this is a hobby – so I do not have the means to advertise in the USA. Our collaboration might bring information on traditional and alternative yoga music to the States, while publicizing your site abroad. I would welcome the opportunity. (do not require payment)

    Please check out:


    The site also has a facebook presence at:

  3. Hi,

    I am not a famous Yogini or an esteemed writer like most of the respondents will surely be. I have been practicing Yoga for only about two years at this time, which will be in sharp contrast to most of the others — I am certain.
    What I do have to offer is my transformative perspective on the subject of Yoga and the many ways it has changed my life. I am not married to one style, so I have not created a groove in my mind. I have started a blog on my journey through nicotine addiction and the depression aftermath. Yoga has saved my life and I want to share it with anyone who will listen.

    Thank you,

    Heather Heath (CINNIMIN)
    [email protected]

  4. Hi there!
    Just saw your call out for Yoga Bloggers.
    I own PilatesYogaBiz, a business that helps Pilates & Yoga Instructors & Business owners develop and expand their.
    Areas I help my clients with include: attracting their ideal students, marketing from the heart, & selling classes and services without being “salesy”.
    My website is http://pilatesyogabiz.com.
    I’ve been in the fitness and health industries for over 15 years, prior to that worked in sales and marketing roles in various companies.
    I’ve been blogging for the past 12 months and would give your readers a fresh & upbeat approach to growing their student base.
    Warm regards,

  5. Hi Timothy,
    I’d love to help you blog about yoga! I’ve been certified as a teacher since 2000, having begun yoga in 1999. My background includes training as a ballet dancer, though not at any amazing level! I’m pretty much your everyday yogi, or trying to be…:) take it off the mat, keep it fresh, etc. I have a regular meditation practice as well and am always seeking out new teachings, as in a recent weekend workshop on how to apply the Alexander technique to your sitting posture.
    I have a degree in English, a partially-completed MFA and lots of experience writing on the Web and for conventional media.
    Thanks for posting this opportunity!
    -Rhett Huber
    [email protected]

  6. HELLO. My name is Tara, I have been involved with all types of YOGA, weight training, power lifting, aerobics…..you name it i have done it. Yoga fell into my lap one day, and I found myself doing it everyday at home, perfecting my poses, and meditating with them at the same time. I became a teacher of Piloga/pilates/water yoga…
    It changed my life forever!!! I teach at a health club, and was teaching a class of up to 45 people. I LOVED IT!!!! The energy that filled my class was nothing short of positive and exciting, not just from me but the people coming back week after week to see me, and take the mindset that yoga is not a chore or something you have to do, but more like a hobby, or or like taking a warm bath.LIKE a puzzle that is never ending, and that one class may add one piece or 2 maybe even 3. We would sweat, but at the end I had them with fleece blankets on them, talking through a meditation, and having them smile…..then when it would be time to wake, i would realign them and give them the wisdom of what came to me that day….Take your smile with you when you leave and practice it all day…My water yoga is what i am doing now it helps in preparing myself for reentry back to my floor yoga….I had 3 back surgeries for a condition I was born with and because of yoga, that was my DRUG of choice, I learned to maneuver myself into comfortable positions to alleviate pain..Long story short, my hobby had now become my career. IT was taken away from me after the first back surgery, then the second, the third and the fourth, HOWEVER, my story amazes my students …..and I LOVE THAT!!!!!! I was born with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome there are many types one can have, I had the gumby one….which I also loved until one day when my ortho spine surgeon told me I could no longer teach, or i would risk severing nerves that would leave me paralyzed or with what they called “drop foot”. So the gumby person I was is no longer, ………..at the moment. My yoga is my life, it is my passion, it is my friend, it is my sanctuary. I will be teaching on land in a few weeks, spreading my story, and learning what helped me be a yoga teacher to begin with and how it has been my confidant and goal to get myself back to that person who could fix an ailment with a pose, or to tackle a pose that i have not yet mastered, once its master its another piece of the puzzle..Yoga saved my life mentally and physically. IT is amazing how once you have done yoga, your mind never forgets……it only wants to get better. Better because it FEELS RIGHT, and becomes a goal to feel accomplished, for example teaching Tree pose…….i give all variations and modifications and let them move on to full tree…..and starting slow is the best way to go. Analyzing every movement to get there.
    I could go on forever, I just want the world to know, ailments injuries, doesn’t mean you can’t practice yoga or Piloga. all it takes is a body and a mind to imagine the imaginable. Thank you for taking the time to read this……it felt good writing it, but i so want to right more…….
    Tara Boyce
    cell 1-617-448-3083

  7. Hello to you, Timothy!

    My name is Megan Jance and I would love to be considered as a blogger for your website. Currently, I am pursuing Theatre & Performance Studies at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA. I am a rising actor, director, writer and puppeteer in the Atlanta area. However, I fuel my passion for exploring new experiences and do not limit myself to my Theatre degree. For instance, I hope to pursue my yoga certification in the summer of 2015 and am also in the process of becoming a stabilized freelance writer, specifically for health and personal fitness. My longing to write in hopes of helping others create a cleansed, trusting, truthful lifestyle has brought me to your website! I have been practicing yoga for about a year now; I began because of my crippling anxiety and my neck and lower back issues, which had me at a physical therapy three times a week. However, through the practice of yoga, I have learned to let go and forgive. I have nearly conquered my physical and mental setbacks and found a layer of peace that keeps me yearning for the light. Due to my age being 21, I believe I can offer a unique voice, especially for the young folks. In general, I am a strong advocate for integrating yoga into the lives of young people due to the overwhelming stress of college, becoming an adult, and ultimately becoming who we are in a world that makes it extremely difficult to do so. At the end of the day, my goal is always clear; I want to help bring people to a greater understanding of themselves and their world.

    Thank you for your time, Timothy! Namaste*

    – Megan Jance

  8. Hi Timothy,

    I am a multi-award winning writer and editor who ran a hugely successful freelance writing business, mostly writing on IT and business, for more than 30 years, before deciding to spend the last few years of my writing career in the public service. With my husband due to retire at the end of the year I plan to go back to freelancing part time, and my fervent desire is that the bulk of the writing I will do henceforth will be on the subjects of yoga, meditation and spirituality.

    A passionate student of yoga philosophy over the last 12 years, (I read nothing else), I recently passed my interim assessment to qualify as a Student Yoga Teacher, and expect to graduate as a fully qualified teacher by the end of next year. I would love the opportunity for a regular yoga writing “gig”.

    Best regards


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