The Best New Music for Yoga: July 2017 Edition

best new music for yoga july 2017

The abundance and richness of summertime is present in this month’s list of best new yoga music. These nine selections contain a diverse array of instruments and sounds that evoke a wide range of feelings and energetic states. May you find the perfect yoga music for your summer yoga soundtrack.

Gaslight by James

A superb selection of soothing sounds (piano, trumpet, vibraphone, glockenspiel and electronics) interweave into a sweet, mesmerizing, and joyful soundscape. Since these ten tracks have such a diverse range in tempos, try arranging them throughout a yoga soundtrack. They’re most suitable for a sense of softness and spaciousness.

Lower Tones by Brad Couture

These ten soft, soaring, soothing, and beautiful cinematic compositions are perfect for delightful and dramatic transitions in a yoga playlist. Piano, cello, synth, guitar, vocals, and electronica are masterfully arranged into engaging soundscapes of different tempos and flavors.

Aura EP by Andrés Oddone

This world electronica EP was created by remixing a song four times. Inspired and influenced by his residency in India, Oddone has masterfully integrated field recordings into this upbeat sonic shamanic journey.

hiddenhills by adamlondon

This immersive downtempo electronica album contains a carefully crafted range of emotional states. With a mesmerizing intertwining of sounds and beats, any of these eight tracks would be great to play when your practice needs a bit of pep but still requires a sense of inward introspection.

Directions by VALI

The enchanting sounds of world instruments combined with nature field recordings honor and invoke the spirits of the four directions in this album. This mystical 59-minute electro-shamanic journey is perfect for the slower and more introspective moments of your yoga practice.

A Sea Without Memory by David Helpling

Created using only an electric guitar routed through a series of effects processors, this solo ambient guitar album is spacious, soothing, expansive and ethereal. Multiple layers of guitar drones and notes effortlessly weave together creating an immersive soundtrack for a slow or meditative yoga practice.

Kingdom of Mountains by Mystic Journey

This instrumental world music album contains a rich variety of Western and Eastern percussion and melodic instruments. These beautiful flute-focused compositions slowly build and evolve into magical sonic journeys to guide you into the heart of your yoga experience.

Forher by Ennuison

This super short EP from Moscow has three beautiful, spacious, and calming solo piano compositions that are perfect for the sweet and quiet moments of a yoga practice.

Damaru by Sounds of Isha

The latest release of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s ashram house band is a collection of traditional Sanskrit chants honoring Shiva in his role as Adiyogi—the first yogi and guru. This 59-minute album is beautifully arranged and recorded and easily transports the listener back to the banks of the sacred Ganges.

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