Free eBook: Yoga for Boosting Creativity

Yoga for Boosting Creativity eBook

We are excited to offer our sixth yoga eBook as a free download! Yoga for Boosting Creativity contains powerful yoga and meditation practices to strengthen your creative spirit. Filled with 39 pages of inspiring content from the YogaBasics archives, this free yoga eBook will teach you simple tips for using yoga and meditation to activate, awaken, and strengthen your creative powers.

eBook Contents:

• Yoga for Releasing Creative Blocks
• The Enneagram and Yoga
• The Best Meditation Technique for Creativity
• 6 Artful Things to Add Inspiration to Your Yoga
• The Best Gemstones for Boosting Creativity
• Let It Flow: The Art and Science of Yoga Sequencing
• 9 Inspirational Quotes On Yoga and Creativity
• 9 Great Meditation Videos to Boost Your Creativity

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We have a growing collection of free yoga eBooks available on our site. Feel free to browse and download our catalog of PDFs and let us know of your suggestions for future themes.

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