Jump Aboard a Yoga Road-Trip Adventure (Sponsored)

yoga grand canyon
Photo by virtualwayfarer

It’s not so easy planning an epic yoga adventure anymore. There’s a current smorgasbord of yoga teachers and styles to choose from, and many yoga retreats are now combining yoga with other activities like surfing, wine drinking and horseback riding. To make choosing a yoga adventure even harder, you can find yoga retreats in almost every exotic location imaginable, from Bali to Bhutan.

One option you may not have heard of before is a yoga “road trip” adventure. The concept is pretty simple: meet a group of like-minded yogis in a major city, jump aboard a van to take you on a multi-day trip to beautiful cities and national parks, and practice daily yoga with a experienced yoga instructor.  Depending on the trip, you will also have other activity options as well: beach and trail running, ocean swimming, hiking, rock climbing and bicycling.

Active Road Trips was founded in 2006, but have only recently started offering yoga road trips that take you to some of the most beautiful places in the USA & Canada. Their trips are varied in locations and length to satisfy anyones wanderlust, from 6-day national park focused trips to epic 23-day cross country trips.

There are a few advantages of yoga road trips over a traditional yoga retreat. Firstly, expensive air travel is minimized as travel vans depart from a major city (NYC, LA, Las Vegas, Seattle, etc.) saving time and money–and it’s also better for the planet. Active Road Trips also boasts two other eco-minded benefits: 1300 trees are planted per trip to offset the carbon produced, and they work with local farmers to source ingredients for meals. Travelers join the trip as a group, road tripping in a van, so group sizes stay small and intimate with a 12 person maximum. Lastly, if you choose a trip with camping, you are provided with tents, sleeping mats, cooking & kitchen supplies, and camp lights. All you need to bring is a sleeping bag.

What does your ultimate yoga retreat look like? Would you consider a yoga road trip adventure?

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