The Best New Music for Yoga: May Edition

best music for yoga

Finding yoga music can be difficult, time consuming, and frustrating. After hours of searching the web we have uncovered several new ambient soundtracks, a groovy kirtan album, and an awesome African electronica fusion that we’d like to share with you. We hope these beats will fuel your practice with joy, devotion, and inspiration.

Vibe Quest by Sabo

The debut solo album from DJ and producer Sabo combines techno and house rhythms with African chants, jazz, Caribbean steel drums, and dub baselines. Mix these twelve mesmerizing tribal sounding tracks into an upbeat vinyasa playlist.

Inside by Follow The Compass

This ambient and instrumental CD from St. Petersburg, Russia has a range of mellow tempos and moods. Most of these compositions have a post-rock feel with a wave of musical intensity in the middle of the tracks.

Settle Down EP by LVNA

The first EP by electronic duo LVNA would make a beautiful soundtrack for a yoga practice. With their glitched-out vocals, warm dreamy synths, and atmospheric pads, these four fun tracks would pair great with some electronic ambient.

No Words by Colin at the Beach

I’m enchanted by these four tracks of soft guitar picking with spacious and haunting vocalizations. I’ll be mixing this EP with several instrumental acoustic guitar tracks and with a few upbeat singer-songwriter artists.

The Cove EP by Ryosuke Tomita

Gentle and spacious fingerpicking solo guitar music from Japan. I wish these elegant instrumental compositions were a tad longer but fortunately Tomita has several other albums and EPs available with a similar vibe.

Chakra Medicine by Purna Dhvani

Purna Dhvani is Sanskrit for ‘complete sound.’ Their first full-length feature album’s intention is to “cultivate deep relaxation and truth within every listener.” Each track correlates to one of the seven chakras and is composed of singing bowls, didgeridoos, and gongs.

Lunar Mantras by Govind Das & Radha

This California-based bhakti duo’s latest release is infused with electronica and love. Downtempo and dub electro beats are combined with acoustic guitar, keyboards, harmonium, and percussion. The combination of their two voices is exquisite and hypnotic, and it fills my heart with devotion.

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  1. Namasté! This is Ahmad from Purna Dhvani.

    Many thank yous for including our “Chakra Medicine” album!

    Someone just purchased it by way of this great site.

    There is more releases to come!

    Blessings and liberated happiness-

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