The Roundup! Asana Issues and Mindfulness Benefits

yoga link roundup

This week we bring you some inspiring stories on the psychological benefits of mindfulness and kindness, as well as links to important blog posts on asana controversy and aging yoga body issues.

‘Kindness curriculum’ Boosts School Success in Preschoolers – “The team developed a curriculum to help children between the ages of 4 and 6 years learn how to be more aware of themselves and others through practices that encourage them to bring mindful attention to present moment experience.”

• A Relaxed Mind is a Productive Mind – “If a leader is filled with stress, conflict, anxiety, and negative emotions, it spreads like a virus. A steady dose of toxic energy from higher-ups will encourage valuable team members to update their résumés rather than their to-do lists.”

• A Pay-It-Forward Attitude Makes It Easier to Ask for Help – When study participants were asked to “pay forward” help with an assigned task, they felt more confident completing the task themselves, as opposed to the lack of confidence they experienced when given dependency-oriented help on their assigned task.

• King and Queen No More? Headstand, Shoulderstand, and the Yoga of Experience and Evidence – While you may agree or disagree that inversions should be banned from yoga studios, we feel that this is an important issue to discuss. Students should also understand the risk and skill needed to perform advanced asanas.

• The Aging Yoga Body – This short thoughtful essay discusses adapting to an aging body, embracing slow progress and accepting the eventual decline in one’s yoga abilities.

• Breathing Love into Communities – Check out this inspiring video on the Holistic Life Foundation’s work to bring yoga, mindfulness, urban gardening and teamwork to children living in inner-city Baltimore.

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