The Roundup! Bellies, Yoga + Business, and Oprah

Yoga link roundup

In this week’s Yoga Basics roundup you’ll find everything from yogis and Elmo exploring their bellies, to mindfulness master Jon Kabat-Zinn on Super Soul Sunday. A few other links connect you to the growing conversation about the convergence of yoga, mindfulness and corporate America.

• Oprah and Jon Kabat-Zinn – Jon Kabat-Zinn gives an introduction on mindfulness meditation and discusses its everyday benefits on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday program. This is definitely a must-watch video for fans of Oprah and meditation!

• I’m a Strong, Fit Yoga Teacher—and I Still Get Insecure About My Belly – “So anytime I’d catch myself making choices dependent on how I looked versus how I felt, I decided I was going to stand up to myself. I told myself I didn’t need to fit society’s (or this woman’s) idea of what a yoga teacher or fit woman should look like because there is no generic yoga teacher or fit woman.”

• Common and Colbie Caillat – “Belly Breathe” with Elmo – Check out this catchy, fun and adorable Sesame Street music video on how to use belly breathing to calm emotions and feel like yourself again.

• TOPLESS Yoga is Taking Off – TOPLESS is a nonprofit event created by model Emily Nolan. “At TOPLESS, communities bravely take their shirts off to expose their vulnerabilities and more importantly, we rewrite the way healthy looks. Healthy is not six-pack abs or long lean muscles on a tanned body. Healthy is us. It’s everything. It’s our choices, it’s our bravery, it’s our truth and our bodies.”

• Meditation sweeps corporate America, but it’s for their health. Not yours – Oliver Burkeman brings up some interesting questions in his recent opinion article: Is your company offering yoga and meditation classes for your benefit or theirs? If employees are required to meditate, will they reap the benefits and increase productivity?

• 3 Rules for Doing a Headstand in Yoga That Help in Business – Our favorite is number three: “You will fall. The first thing to realize in doing a proper headstand—as in business—is that falling is part of the journey.”

• Employers Boost Wellness Spending 17% From Yoga To Risk Assessments – American businesses are laying down big bucks to improve their employee’s health and productivity. From a survey of 120 companies, the average spending on wellness programs (including yoga and meditation classes) increased 17 percent last year, with some companies reporting as much as a 34 percent increase.

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