The Roundup! Body Positivity and Pet Yoga Photobombs

yoga link roundup

For our last link roundup of 2016 we’ve included advice to take with you in 2017, motivational inspiration, and stories that are sure to make you laugh.

Energy-Cleansing Rituals To Help You Emerge From This Year Stronger Than Ever—The countdown ticks as the ball prepares to drop. Before 2017 starts take time to reflect on 2016. It’s been a big year with a lot of heavy happenings. Learn how to cleanse yourself to start anew.

Why You Don’t Need to Have Your Whole Life Figured Out Right Now—If you spent time with your family this holiday season you may have been asked about your life and career. Regardless of what anyone else says, it’s okay to not know what you want to do. Take your time.

9 Everyday Badasses Who Taught Us to Love Our Bodies in 2016—As celebrities like Alicia Keys stopped wearing makeup this year, everyday janes became household names by joining the movement to embrace body positivity. Here’s the recap by Greatist.

Artist’s Yoga Illustrations Sweetly Celebrate Body Positivity In Pregnancy—Let the body positivity continue! Danish artist Marie Jørgensen collaborated with NYC-based Love Child Yoga to create these illustrations that focus on pregnant mommas and their beautiful curves, bumps, and bellies.

10 Hilarious Pet Yoga Photobombs on Instagram—This was definitely the year of animal yoga as goat yoga, chicken yoga, and more increased in popularity. These photographs capture the hilarious moments of animals stealing the show.

Why Do Dogs Love Yoga Mats So Much?—Is it the smell? The bacteria? Wired looks to science to unlock this mystery.

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