The Roundup! Controversy, Yoga Mats and Joy

yoga link roundup

In this month’s link roundup of yoga news, we’ve got a mixture of controversial topics and joyful topics. Sometimes that’s the way it goes.

Sexual assaults and violent rages… Inside the dark world of Buddhist teacher Sogyal Rinpoche—Last August, the Tibetan lama Sogyal Rinpoche punched a nun in the stomach while he was on stage in front of thousands of students. He’s long been known as a controversial figure. Yet his position as one of the foremost Buddhist teachers in the West has remained remarkably intact—until now. In July, eight senior and long-standing students sent a 12-page letter to Sogyal about his behavior. The Telegraph sums it all up in this thoughtful, well-detailed article.

Reflections On Michael Stone, Mental Health And Yoga’s Cult Of Positivity—The yoga world is still reeling from beloved Buddhist teacher Michael Stone’s death. Most people are coming to the same realization: we need to talk more transparently about mental health in the yoga and wellness communities.

Thank You, Michael—In the book Michael Stone was completing when he died, he wrote: “We are all going to die. Knowing one another is very precious. At the moment of death, the only thing that really matters is the condition of your heart.” Read more in this touching tribute by Michael Stone’s wife Carina Stone.

It’s Okay, Yoga Mats Aren’t Messing With Your Fertility—For a while, news headlines were implying that yoga mats were affecting women’s fertility. Luckily, that’s not the case. It turns out that the study about organophosphate flame retardants (the chemicals linked to infertility) didn’t include yoga mats and that most yoga mats do not contain those chemicals. In this article, Beth Skwarecki gets to the bottom of things.

Yoga Mat Art Show Planned At Newtown Yoga Center–This yoga studio will be transformed into an art gallery to display 20 hand-painted yoga mats. The art mats are for sale with pricing ranging from $60 to $300 with the proceeds benefiting local non-profits. While you can hang these artworks on your walls to enjoy, they are also functional and usable as yoga mats.

Just 25 minutes of yoga, meditation ‘boosts brain function, energy’—Next time you reach for a book to boost your brainpower, think about rolling out the yoga mat instead. New research reveals that practicing Hatha yoga or mindfulness meditation for just 25 minutes can significantly improve brain function and energy levels, compared with spending 25 minutes quietly reading.

A 13-year-old is teaching kids yoga on TV – with the help of a giant dog costume—His name is Wuf Shanti and he wants you to know that if you smile, the world will smile with you. Find out more about this 13-year-old sharing yoga with kids.

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