The Roundup! Hot Yoga, Face Yoga, Airplane Yoga

The Roundup! Hot Yoga, Face Yoga, Airplane Yoga

Here’s our roundup of the best yoga news to start 2018. We’ve found a few new reasons to start yoga (or to up your practice) as well as several controversial things to be leery of.

Hot Yoga Is No Better for You Than Regular Yoga, Study Says—Convinced that Bikram yoga gives you a much better workout than hatha yoga? A study published in Experimental Physiology suggests it’s the physical practice of Bikram, not the sweltering heat, that’s good for you.

Bikram Yoga Inc. Attempting a Comeback Despite Filing for Bankruptcy–After spending millions of dollars in legal fees from his divorce and multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, Bikram Choudhury is trying to salvage the Bikram Yoga brand.

Face Yoga Can Actually Make You Look Younger, New Study Shows—Watch out anti-aging products, yoga’s in town. A study published in JAMA Dermatology found that the practice of face yoga can make people look younger.

Video Shows Woman Doing Her Yoga Routine In Airplane Aisle—To us, people practicing yoga in the airplane aisle sounds pretty normal and helpful during a plane ride. What gets us here is the various commentary on the subject.

5 Reasons Every Man Must Make Time For Yoga—Not quite convinced to practice yoga? Check out these five reasons to start.

Everything to Know About the Yoga Twin Murder Case—This week Alexandria Duval stands trial for allegedly murdering her identical twin sister Anastasia Duval. Their history is filled with mystery, including opening and abruptly closing yoga studios.

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