The Roundup! Mother’s Day and a Yoga Selfies Video

yoga link roundup

As mother’s day approaches, we’ve got some advice for all the mammas and some advice for all the sons and daughters. We’ve also included a funny video about yoga photo shoots. They’re “the most effective way to bring love and light into the world” for spiritual guru JP Sears. In between bringing love and light into the world and spending time with your mom, read about a child’s view on happiness, how to improve your relationship, and more.

This 8 Year Old’s 5 Steps To ‘Happyness’ Are Beautiful – Sometimes children have a knack for telling it like it is with their simple but timeless advice. This piece is short and affirming.

This Mother’s Day, Give Yourself the Gift of Mindfulness – Instead of breakfast in bed or a foot massage, give yourself (and your family) the gift of self-care and presence.

5 Ways To Bond With Your Mom On Mother’s Day (That Are WAY Better Than Brunch) – Breathe. Meditate. Be grateful. Now do those things with your mom.

3 Ways Meditation Improves Relationships – Backed by Science – Even though meditation is something you can do alone, it helps partnerships in a multitude of ways. Even science agrees.

JP Sears and the Importance of Yoga Selfies (Funny Video) – Yoga selfies are an issue of debate in the yoga community. There’s nothing like comedy to bring new light to controversy. One of our favorite parody-makers shares the importance of yoga selfies in this video. Better yet, he even shows us how to take them.

SmartMat Is Your New Yoga Instructor – One of the latest inventions in yoga technology is the smartmat, a yoga mat with high-tech sensors that give you feedback on poses by sending pressure data to an app on your mobile phone. Hmmm, how smart can it be?

Your Yoga Teacher Is Now A Brand – Gone are the days when a simple logo or newspaper ad effectively advertised a yoga class or yoga teacher. J. Brown, yoga teacher for over 15 years, shares his opinion on how the internet is changing the face of yoga teachers.

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