The Roundup! Namasdrake and Road Trip Yoga

yoga link roundup

In this month’s link roundup of yoga news we bring you a range of heart-warming stories from the Olympics to yoga underwater and more.

This Drake-Themed Yoga Class Called ‘Namasdrake’ Is Real And Now My Chakras Are Tingling–That’s right, you read that correctly. There’s a yoga class in LA that only plays music by Drake. It’s a vinyasa-based class inside of a club. Tagline: Just Hold On We’re Going Om.

New animated film “Kubo and the Two Strings” introduces kids to Buddhist concepts–Watch the trailer. You’ll instantly feel the enchantment.

The Perfect Yoga Sequence for Road Trip Recovery–Ah sweet summer and the wonderment of taking to the open road. After being curled up in the car for hours, take to the yoga mat for some deep relief.

5 Inspiring Stories From the Rio 2016 Olympics–The Olympics always inspires us to new levels of perseverance, potential, and dedication. These stories are guaranteed to warm your heart.

86-Year-Old Makes Amazing Transformation With Yoga–No matter how old you are, yoga can be there for you as the greatest ally. See the beauty in this woman’s progress from having a consistent hunchback-like posture to being able to stand up straight.

These Underwater Yoga Photos Prove The Practice Is Truly Magical–I think we already knew that yoga was magical. These photographs take it to the next level.

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