The Roundup! Summer and Graduation

yoga link roundup

As the days get warmer in North America and the smell of summer is in the air, here are the latest stories we’ve been reading.

This Year’s Summer Solstice Yoga In Times Square Is On A Monday (Your Boss Will Understand) – Summer is just around the corner, and with the warm days comes the annual Solstice Yoga day in NYC. The class schedule is now open for registration. Classes run from 7 am to 7:30 pm and are free.

Beach Yoga: The Good vs. The Bad – Learn the basics for taking your practice to the beach.

Yoga Journal Hits the Road to Document Yoga in America – When the Yoga in America study revealed that 37 million people in the US were doing yoga, Yoga Journal ambassadors decided to take to the open road to see what yoga in America means today. The Live Be Yoga summer tour will go until September 25th and travel to more than 20 locations throughout North America including state prisons.

How to Find Your Place in the World After Graduation – ‘Tis the season for commencement speeches. Find some inspiration in this one.

7 Choices You’ll Definitely Regret 10 Years From Now – Some of your everyday actions may not be in ultimate alignment for your visions of the future. Create the future you want starting with some everyday tips.

Leg Contouring Is a Thing, and It’s Absolutely Absurd – Everyday there seems to be another let-down in the world of capitalism and beauty. Cosmo recently released a how-to-video for leg contouring. Yup, you heard us right–leg contouring. That means painting your legs to appear slimmer.

When Your Brain Can’t Decide If You’re Full—There’s An App for That – There are all kinds of mindful eating tips. Technology is now taking mindful eating to the next level as app developers create Eat Right: Now. For $19.99/month learn how to differentiate between stress-related hunger and actual physiological hunger.

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