The Roundup! Thinking & Meditation, Kids Yoga and Yoga Tips

yoga basics link roundup

Welcome to this week’s Yoga Basics Link Roundup! We’re really excited to share some fascinating coverage on meditation, mindfulness and positive thinking featured in three of the links below. We highly recommend checking out the Ellen Langer interview for an especially unique take on mindfulness.

• When should kids start yoga? The answer might surprise you – We’ll save you the click: 8-years old. But the reasons that support this answer are certainly worth the read.

• Science of Mindlessness and Mindfulness – A wonderful audio interview with social psychologist Ellen Langer, one of the early pioneers of “drawing a connection between mindlessness and unhappiness, between mindfulness and health.”

• The Problem with Positive Thinking – “In each of these studies, the results have been clear: Fantasizing about happy outcomes—about smoothly attaining your wishes—didn’t help. Indeed, it hindered people from realizing their dreams.”

• 5 Healthy Food Ideas to Eat before Yoga – Check out these great pre-yoga eating tips and five simple quick snacks to eat before your asana practice.

• Meditation Sessions a Hit in Dysfunctional Congress – “Rep. Tim Ryan began organizing two weekly meditation sessions at the start of the 113th Congress almost two years ago. These are held from 6 to 6:30 p.m. before votes begin each week the House is in session.”

• Six Ayurvedic Tips for Staying Healthy This Fall – Number six sounds the best to us: “Give yourself a hot oil massage.”

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