The Roundup! Wintertime Challenges

The Roundup!

Wintertime presents unique challenges to the practicing yogi: the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, spending extra time with family and friends, cold weather and diminished daylight. In this week’s Yoga Basics Link Roundup we’ve collected some articles that will help you respond consciously to the challenges of wintertime.

• The Disease of Being Busy – We all know the story of being too busy too well. Amid Safi offers a interesting solution to encourage yourself and others to stop for a moment and reflect on this simple question: “How is the state of your heart today?”

• 4 Simple Ways to Slow Down So You Don’t Rush Through Life – “This is an invitation from my deeper self to yours to slow down, just for a few moments, to pause and breathe. Here are four simple ways to do that.”

• Slow Down to Catch Up – “Winter has a way of gently reminding, and sometimes demanding, a different pace through life. Slow, all things slow. Which is counterintuitive for most in this fast-paced culture where more is better, and faster, and is far superior.”

• Winter Blues – Sylvia Boorstein encourages us to take advantage of the darkness of winter to contemplate and look deeply into the source of depression, the grief of loss and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

• Your Worth Is Not Dependent on What You Do or Accomplish – “Deep, deep down, at my very core, I didn’t believe I was worthy of slowing down, of being taken care of, of feeling good. I, by myself, unattached from all the things that I did, wasn’t good enough. And how could I be? I’d built my life, my whole identity, on doing a lot, being good at all that I did, and looking for approval outside of myself.”

• Robert Thurman: Love Your Enemy – We’ve always liked the proverb of “love your enemy” but have struggled with how to implement it. In this short video Thurman eloquently explains how to unpack and practice this sage advice in a modern setting.

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