The Roundup! Yoga Controversies + Inspiration for Change

yoga link roundup

This week’s Yoga Basics Link Roundup is brimming with controversy! But if yoga controversy isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we’ve got some inspiration and fun links included as well.

• Stunning or dangerous stunt? Yoga pose on ledge sparks debate – I admire the guts and focus required to gracefully hold dancer’s pose on an I-beam 25 stories high, but you’ll have to watch the video yourself to see if you agree.

• SmartMat: Genius or Dumbing Our Innate Intelligence? – As a yoga teacher, seeing this “smart” yoga mat and app for the first time struck fear and concern in my heart, but I’m certain more gadgets designed to connect our yoga practices with our smartphones are in our future. See also: Muse: the brain sensing headband.

• Hindus Aren’t Happy About This Kali Barbie Doll – This art exhibition of 33 Barbie and Ken dolls modified to resemble religious figures from Catholicism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam has been canceled due to the resulting controversy.

• 8 Ways to Be Your Own Best Teacher – 
“The most powerful source of wisdom is within you. This is what I help every single person I work with realize—that they are infinitely powerful and the only thing getting in the way of that is surface stuff. We clear the surface and it’s like polishing a rough stone into a diamond. Suddenly, you’re crystal clear, knowing exactly where to go and what to do next.”

How the NFL Could Shift Its Criminal Culture With Yoga – “The only way to eliminate the barbaric off-field behavior in the NFL is to shift the culture. You become what you practice. If players are treated like animals or objects, that’s what they become. Yoga is the most efficient method to change the values in a league that desperately needs transformation.”

• 7 Survival Strategies For Yoga Teachers – Several of these apply to non-teachers, like #7: “Do Something That Scares You. Yoga teaches the hardest lessons. Perhaps the best information comes from not learning what to do, but what NOT to do. Injuries, disagreements and fear may challenge you initially, but they always serve as a gateway into deeper wisdom.”

• Gisele Bundchen challenges Jimmy Fallon to do plank pose on “The Tonight Show” – I thought this was a funny and playful video clip, and I was super impressed he got his leg up (with the help of some external rotation).

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