The Roundup! Yoga Cross-Training and Bill Murray

yoga link roundup

This week’s Yoga Basics Link Roundup features a collection of articles on how well yoga complements other sports, and vice versa. We’ve also got a post on why Child’s Pose is awesome, another with kindergarteners explaining meditation, and another with Bill Murray’s epic answer to a reporter’s question at a 2014 Toronto International Film Festival press conference.

• 5 Ways Yoga Can Boost Athletic Performance – Our favorite is #1: Mental Toughness.

• 5 Sports to Strengthen your Yoga Practice – Our favorite is #2: Swimming.

• The 7 Must Strength Yoga Poses For Runners – Our favorite is #1: Downward Dog Split.

• 7 Yoga Recovery Poses For Runners – Our favorite is #6: Happy Baby Pose.

• Kindergarteners Talk About Mindfulness in “Just Breathe” Short Film – “In the four-minute film, kindergarteners talk about coping with emotions and using meditation and breathing techniques. Filmmakers Julie Bayer Salzman and Josh Salzman created “Just Breathe” with their son, classmates, and family members one Saturday afternoon.”

• Bill Murray’s Dharma Talk on What It’s Like to Be You – When asked “How does it feel to be you?” Bill Murray answers with a spontaneous guided meditation and sage “dharma talk” response.

• Why I Fell in Love With Child’s Pose – “When my muscles shake and my energy depletes, I feel it encouraging me from the sidelines. ‘Go for it!’ it says. ‘See what you can do! I am here for you if you need me!’ Child’s Pose gives me permission to try, fail, rest, and try again.”

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