The Roundup! Yoga Humor and Satire Edition

yoga link roundup

We’ve got a bunch of yoga links for you that will either offend you or make you laugh out loud in this week’s roundup. Most of them employ satire to critique the current state of yoga in the US, and the critiques are far from sattvic or bland–you may even need to cover your eyes and ears for some! While much of the criticism is valid, it certainly doesn’t apply to everyone practicing and teaching yoga in the West.

New Yoga Study Released – Yoga teachers will find this f-bomb laden rant especially relevant, but almost anyone reading about yoga asana, alignment and anatomy online will relate to this post.

• How to Be Unpopular in the Yoga World – Hint: Sarcasm doesn’t typically go over very well in yoga class … nor outside of class either.

• CNN Ranks Yoga Instructor in Top 100 Careers with ‘Big Growth, Great Pay’ But Forgets One Thing – A humorous takedown of a misinformed and misleading news article in the classic YogaDork style.

• Why You Shouldn’t Go To Yoga – While ridiculously funny, this video is a good reminder to be cautious with your belongings in yoga studios.

• If Gandhi Took A Yoga Class – You’ve probably already seen this must watch video, as it is super funny and the acting and production are superb. (And if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out!)

• The Grinch Tries Yoga – This video is weird in the funniest way. It is especially odd that a Christian church filmed and produced this short clip.

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