Top 21 Yoga Posts of 2017

Our Top 21 Yoga Posts of 2017

We have had a fun and busy year publishing on YogaBasics and have continued to expand our yoga content offerings in several key areas. For this year’s review of our most popular yoga articles and posts, we have grouped them into our top five most popular categories.

It is always fascinating for us to see which articles become the most viewed and shared and we hope you find this list just as informative and intriguing. Our fabulous and fastidious team of writers and editors work hard to bring you the absolute best writing and information on yoga, meditation, pranayama, and yogic philosophy. We look forward to sharing more great stories with you in 2018!

Yoga Blog Articles

Our blog articles are the bread and butter of what we publish on YogaBasics. These information-packed posts cover a wide-range of topics, which you can get a taste of from our top 9 viewed and shared yoga blog articles below.

Quarterly Yoga e-Books

Just over a year ago we started publishing e-Books on a quarterly basis. These free downloads became an instant hit. We are excited to continue to release more themed e-Books in 2018.

Inspirational yoga videos

We consider inspiration to be such a powerful and essential aspect of a yoga practice that we have an entire section of it on our site. The monthly inspirational yoga videos we post have continued to be a big hit in 2017 and we expect this trend to continue next year.

Yoga quizzes

We recently started adding some fun and informative yoga quizzes to our site and we have a huge list of more quiz topics we plan to add in 2018. Below are the top three favorite quizzes we released this year.

Music for yoga

Sleuthing through hundreds of new music releases each month can sometimes boggle our brains and muddle our ears. We are happy to see how popular this labor of love has been with our readers. While all of our music for yoga posts have been popular, below are the top three that were shared and viewed.




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  1. Every citizen has a duty to make world lovable. Yoga promises to make world a better place . In philosophy it is called age of happy existence. I would like to do my bit
    Dr hssharma

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