Yoga for Your Heart e-Book

Yoga for Your Heart e-Book

We are excited to offer our fifth eBook as a free download:  Yoga for the Heart: Heart-centered yoga practices to strengthen and open your heart. With 38 pages of great content from the YogaBasics’ archives, you will learn easy and simple tips and yoga techniques for opening and strengthening your heart center.

eBook Contents:
• Exploring your heart
 through yoga
• Yoga practices to 
open your heart
• Yoga helpful for heart 
health, lowering bp
• Yoga: good for your heart
• Heart chakra 101
• The art of practicing
• Heart chakra meditation
• Top yoga poses & mantras 
for a grateful heart
• The best yoga poses 
for your heart

Download E-Book

(Note: The PDF file should automatically download in the background. Check your downloads folder for the file.)

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