Yoga Quiz: How Enlightened Are You?

Quiz: Are You Enlightened?

Have you ever wondered where you stand on your personal spiritual path? Or maybe you aren’t following a defined spiritual path at all but are interested in beginning one. Either way, this quiz will help you understand where you fall right now in your relationships with yourself, others, and the world around you. The questions will help you remember to celebrate the things you’re doing well and to send you a little loving encouragement as you consider the areas that could use more focus.

While most of us may never reach full enlightenment, the closer we can get to it, the better! Take a deep breath and begin:

What do you do when a friend is in pain?
Which of the following is closest to representing your beliefs?
I believe that everyone and everything is:
When I meditate, I listen to:
When faced with things I don't understand, I:
What tools (e.g. crystals, essential oils, meditation) do you use to get in touch with your higher self?
I get anxious when:
I believe that the world...
How do you connect best with other people?
I feel most at peace when I:

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