Yoga Quiz: How Much Yoga Should I Do?

Yoga Quiz: How Much Yoga Should I Do

Beginners and experienced yogis alike speculate as to how much yoga asana to practice to better serve them. Whether you’re practicing yoga for a good stretch or wanting to relieve stress, this short yoga quiz may help you make your decision easier.

Please note that the answers are general suggestions and are based on a 1-hour yoga practice. (You can certainly spit the hour into shorter practices to fit your schedule.)

After you take the quiz, please share your results with your yoga-loving friends to help them with the question that every yogi wonders about!

How many days are you able to practice?
What is your favorite Yoga Pose?
How often do you get sick?
How well can you balance on one foot?
How flexible are you?
How quickly do you wish to advance in your yoga practice?
What are your health goals?
How stressful is your life?

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  1. I completed a Yoga Teacher Training June 2005, at the Yoga Haus in Greenville, SC, a program designed by Timothy Burgin. I began the program for self development, I was 60 years of age at completion. I am teaching privately one student at a time recently. I began to have pain in my left hip in the last two months which is so painful I am very limited to a few asanas. I will soon be 74 and really want to continue practicing Yoga to stay strong, stave off diabetes and stay well. When practicing Yoga I never have had the flue or even a cold virus. I believe the practice keeps me well and alert. I study as many yoga sites as possible. I cannot afford Yoga Studio time but sometimes I find a studio that will allow me to watch. I learn new teaching techniques in this way. I love Yoga and believe it to be a very important health tool.

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