Yoga Quiz: What is your Strongest Chakra?

yoga chakra quiz

Knowing what your strongest chakra is can reveal more about who you are and how to show up in the world. Your strongest chakra can help you determine which foods to eat, which body parts to strengthen, what kind of people to surround yourself with, what kind of work to do, and more.

Not only can knowing what your strongest chakra is determine which aspects of your life to examine deeper, it can also show you the flip side—which chakras need more tending. Understanding which chakras guide you and which chakras need more care can help you harness the power of your own energy. Take this quiz to discover what your strongest chakra is.

What are your dominant personality traits?
When you’re hungry, what type of food do you typically crave?
What element do you resonate with?
What do you look for in a partner?
What yoga pose do you feel the most comfortable in?
What kind of work inspires you?
Say each of the following mantras three times out loud or in your head. Which one do you feel the strongest association with?
What color describes you?

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  1. Curious which food group actually will bring balance and alignment to the appetite

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