Yoga Quiz: What Type of Yoga Student Are You?

Yoga Quiz: What Type of Yoga Student

The myriad mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of yoga are what bring so many different types of people back to their mats time and time again. What about you? What brings you back to your yoga mat? Is it that peaceful, easy post-yoga feeling, the satisfying pool of sweat on your mat after a challenging practice, or something else entirely?

This What Type of Yoga Student Are You? quiz will help you find out exactly what kind of yogi you are. Let’s get started!

Your go-to yoga class is:
Your favorite yoga pose is:
After class you enjoy:
When you walk into the yoga studio, you feel:
How would you describe yourself?
How often do you practice?
During savasana, you are:
Have you been to a yoga retreat or festival?

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