Yoga Quiz: What Type of Yoga Community is Best for You?

Yoga Quiz yoga community for you

As yoga practitioners, we enjoy and explore our physical and spiritual lives in different ways. Based on our personality, goals, and individual needs, each of us will have an ideal environment and community to practice yoga for optimal benefits. You might also be new to yoga and unsure of where to go to join a class or a veteran yogi looking for the best opportunities to deepen your practice. Take this yoga quiz to find the best community and environment for you to practice yoga!

How busy is your schedule?
Where can you be found on a Saturday night?
How big is your tribe of friends?
How much personal attention do you want in yoga?
Do you like big crowds?
What do you do for fun?
My favorite type of yoga is...

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  1. I completed Yoga Teacher training in 2005 a few months after my 60th birthday at the Yoga Haus in Greenville, SC. The training program was developed by Timothy Bergin. My participation in the training was successful helping me through a monstrous period of deep grief from the loss of many family members over a short period of time.

    I teach private lessons to a few students. Practicing with them as often as I can with my current physical limitations.

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