Yoga for Single Moms

Actress, Michelle Williams, is set to open a yoga center that caters to single moms. Since the death of boyfriend, Heath Ledger, in 2008 she’s been raising their daughter, Matilda (now 5), on her own. The Yoga for Single Moms Project will launch the pilot program in Boston, MA. “The idea behind the program is that if you can clear the time, we do the rest,” Williams said. “It provides childcare while the mom is in the yoga class and it’s all free.”

Williams credits yoga with helping her cope with being a single mother and get past the tragic death of her boyfriend.   “Yoga gave me relief like nothing else; it made me a better person and a better mother. …and then I started to think about how expensive it is to get a babysitter to take a yoga class, which makes it out of reach for so many women.”

Personally, I can’t wait to hear how this program turns out. It’s an exciting new development on the yoga frontier where people who wouldn’t normally have access to yoga and its many benefits do.

Are you a single yoga loving mom?  Would you take more yoga classes if childcare was provided?

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  1. This is incredible. I am not a mother, but would love the opportunity to work with this group in some capacity. I am in the DC area– perhaps they will make their way down here in the future.

  2. Why aren´t more people talking about this? This is such a great thing. I´m going to start telling my friends and family about it…. hopefully one good deed begets another good deed and soon enough the same type of free center will be mimic across the US. Busy moms need more thanks for their hard work and dedication!

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