Yoga Improves Your Sex Life

It improves everything else, why not this? Fox News has reported nine ways how yoga improves your sex life. Geez. Ok, it’s true. Just like a disciplined practice of yoga improves your life as a whole, yoga has the effect of improving all of the individual components as well. You’ll eat healthier, you will feel happier, you will be stronger and more flexible, you will manage stress more effectively, and yes you will see a noticeable improvement in your intimate relationships.

Writing about this is a challenge. Not because it isn’t true, but because in some way it takes the already watered down perception of the practice and now makes it sort of, well, dirty. Don’t get me wrong, sex is great! But when I committed to a yoga practice, it was not to improve upon it. It was to uncover my Self, which in many ways is beyond physical experience, though in my current incarnation it is still a part.

With this discovery, I implore you to see the trees and the forest as one big vision. Yoga improves every aspect of our lives, but the purpose of the practice is much bigger and more profound. So enjoy the benefits, the fringe upgrades in all aspects of your life, but be cautious about entering the practice just for them or making your discipline dependent upon them. All practices will ebb and flow, and these peripheral benefits will come and go. Come to the practice for peace, and you will discover peace. Come to the practice for rewards, and you will find that like a child the day after Christmas, what you thought was the greatest thing in the world yesterday is just clutter in the background of the search for contentment today.

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