A.M. and P.M. Yoga for Beginners

This top-quality yoga for beginners DVD contains two 30-minute programs: an energizing morning yoga practice and a calming evening practice. Elena uses her soothing voice to give straightforward yet detailed instructions and sage advice at a relaxed pace. She gives options for different levels of intensity and challenge throughout the programs, making the DVD work with multiple levels of abilities and giving beginning students room to grow with the practices.The Am practice starts standing and focuses mostly on engaging and energizing standing poses and ends with a seated meditation. The Pm practice is mostly seated, focusing less on movement and more on long held stretches, with an emphasis on seated twists and forward folding poses. One thing that may be a little confusing for more experienced beginning students is that Elena reverses the usual movement cue of “inhale to arch and exhale to round the spine.” But overall this is a well-produced and executed DVD that is suitable for a broad range of beginning yoga students.

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